Fall 2013 Newsletter

Welcome to the Spring session of the Monday Wednesday Karate Program!! Here are a few housekeeping items to help things move smoothly.

Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays starting September 9th and tentatively ending November 20th with a graduation ceremony. If there is no school because of a holiday or inclement weather, there is no karate class. Likewise, if it is a shortened day for conferences or inclement weather, there is no class unless otherwise noted. If there are inclement weather days between now and the end of the session, we will TRY to make them up at the end of the session. The only exception is on the day of our graduation ceremony as it is difficult to change the date once it is set. We have class the following days:

            Monday September 9th                                      Wednesday September 11th   

Monday September 16th                                     Wednesday September 18th   

Monday September 23rd                                     Wednesday September 25th

Monday September 30th                                      Wednesday October 2nd


Monday October 7th                                           Wednesday October 9th    

                                                                            Wednesday October 16th    

Monday October 21st                                          Wednesday October 23rd    

Monday October 28th                                          Wednesday October 30th


Monday November 4th                                          Wednesday November 6th

Monday November 11th                                         

Monday November 18th                                          Wednesday November 20th  (graduation)


Students are not required uniforms in their first session, just comfortable clothing. If they have a uniform and belt they should wear it at every class.

We will have a dojang cleanup on Saturday September 7th from 8am-11am.  We will be preparing the dojang and grange for the the fall session inside and out. Please bring if you can, cleaning supplies (rubber gloves, toilet cleaner, window cleaner, paper towels, cleaning wipes, trash bags etc) and outdoor gardening tools (metal rake, trowel, shovel, gardening gloves, trash bags etc).  We will also accept bulbs to plant to come up in the spring. The more help we have, the faster we can get done.  

Our Belt Graduation will take place Wednesday November 20th  at 4:00PM and 6:00PM followed by a potluck snack reception at QFS. The grading fee is $20 due at a later time. GRADUATION FOR GREEN BELTS AND ABOVE WILL BE BY INVITATION. Iíll explain more as we get closer.

This program will progress just as it would in a regular martial arts studio. So if you wish to continue in the next session, I strongly suggest getting a uniform at that point. You will have your first belt rank by then and a uniform helps form an identity, sense of pride, and self-respect. Uniforms are $30. Payment (cash or check made out to Amy Cote) should be received when you order, and orders should be in by October 30th  to ensure they are here in time for graduation if you wish to have it by then.

I am always open to feedback, questions, and concerns. Please donít hesitate to call me or talk with me after class about anything. If your child is absent consistently from class, I usually will try to call to make sure everything is all right. Communication is a key factor in having a great program for children!! Please give me your email address if you have one!!

I know this will be a great session and I look forward to working with you and your Martial Artist!! Registration fee of $100 is due on the first day of class by cash or a check made payable to Oxford Park & Rec. for classes meeting 2 times per week. Kickin' Kids are $70 per session. Discounts are available for families with more than one student in the program.


Amy Cote  

(203) 888-2866 (prior to 8PM)            oxfordkarate@yahoo.com